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Our story

A garden house doesn't have to be a storage shed, just as a garage or carport doesn't have to serve as a 'shelter' just like that. At Gardenas, we believe that a 'garden-house' or other wooden structure with the right, durable materials and the appropriate look can literally be an extension of your home, your living space and therefore your well-being. Thanks to our solutions, your driveway or home becomes a bit like a holiday home and you suddenly enjoy a few extra square metres of flexible work and/or living space in the garden. And all in your own natural habitat.


By investing in craftsmanship as a modern family company over several generations and by always looking for the best raw materials, we are able to market sustainable solutions at the best possible price. Innovating our production process and optimising our logistics enable us to lead the way with Gardenas for a wide audience. Moreover, we can count on incredibly driven employees. So our customers not only enjoy reliable products, but also a flawless service.

Raw Materials

For all our products, we work with raw materials that are always renewable. We do this by using maximum FSCĀ® spruce wood from the Scandinavian countries. The reason is actually quite simple: because the trees there grow more slowly and experience less stress than their siblings from, say, Germany, Romania or Belgium, they produce more stable and sturdy wood. This not only makes for a stronger, but also more durable end product. Moreover, if you treat our garden houses and log cabins well and with the right products, you can enjoy them for generations.


When we talk about sustainability at Gardenas, we are not just talking about sturdier wood with a longer lifespan. We want to see how we can improve our entire production process to everyone's advantage. We do this by, among other things, continuously minimising our waste streams, fully (100%) recycling our wood residues, opting to produce exclusively with green energy and by continuously training our people in all branches of our organisation. We believe that by respecting people and nature, we can make a big difference in the long run and hope to inspire other people, companies or organisations to do the same.


Gardenas is part of a larger group with various activities in the sports and leisure industry that is still owned by the family of its founder, Roger Vercambre.


In the 1960s, Roger works his way up as managing director of Yves Rocher Belgium. There, among other things, he launches a complete line of saunas._ Charmed by the character and the many possibilities of wood, he starts his own company in garden sheds, for which he buys everything from the cradle of gardening: England.


Pretty soon, an in-house production line of garden sheds is started up in Belgium. Shortly afterwards, garden wood is also added to the range. Fact: in those days, garden sheds were only made in large panels... a real hassle to get this to the back of the garden!


In the 1980s, Gardenas introduces log cabins in Belgium. The market reacts enthusiastically to these products. The solidity of construction and the thickness of the walls are a real revolution at the time, even though the concept has existed for thousands of years in Scandinavia and Russia.


A sister company is established in Poland to produce the garden wood. Soon this company becomes _a production unit for garden sheds in modular panels. To this day, our solid garden houses are still produced in Dendermonde.


At the turn of the century, garden sheds with aluminium corner profiles complete the collection... A great success.


Gardenas focuses more and more on more modern shapes and also looks for more durable roof coverings


The QB series sets us apart from the competition. Design perfectly tailored to the target market of young, dynamic and trend-conscious customers. Gardenas decides to house part of its collection under its sister brand Woodlands. In doing so, it wants to focus even more on quality.

Over time, we have immediately picked up on new trends and have always been innovative in our market segment. With our craftsmanship of more than 50 years, we are working today on your gardenhouse of tomorrow.

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